I love those images and videos that people post on social media that make me burst into laughter. The cute cat videos or images that are outrageously funny. It gets my attention and spends my time.

The value I get, it makes me happy. A little laughter never harms anyone.

A lot of people view this media but never retweet or share on them. “It will harm my personal brand”. You have heard this from time to time. People saying that you should be strategic with what you put on social media. What you comment on. Who you follow. Who are your friends and the list is endless? The situation is even worse for companies. If you tweet that particular media, you will tarnish the company’s brand.

I don’t believe in it at all.

Be driven by values.From the values, have a voice and be the voice. If I can use Twitter as a reference, all the Kenyan Accounts with the highest followers are journalists and socialites. Why do you think this is the case? The answer is simple. Truth. They are who they are. They have accepted who they are. They have risen above the fear and have become themselves. Before you think of creating your personal brand on social media. Ask yourself, I am going to be me.

Just a simple choice.

I believe that social media should reflect who you are. There is a reason to why sharks don’t climb trees and snakes don’t have legs. Do not be someone you are not. Time is a master disciplinarian. It will finally reveal your true self. Express the WHY you are doing this. Show them your passion. Someone who tells you to pay them or offers advise to you that this is how you should comment or do to get likes. They want your money. It is hard to either create or monetize your personal brand in social media if the voice that resonates from your articles, posts, tweets and any other thing you put out there is a second-hand voice. It will be hard to build your community if the voice is not yours.

Be your own voice. Be your own fan.

A friend of mine once wrote one article for more than 4 months. Reason being that they were researching on the best words to use. They had more than 40 people read the article to verify the content. In the case, they had the voice inside of them and all they needed to do was to let the voice out. That is what happens to most people. The creativity that came out in the original post, withers away by time. Finally, when the article comes out, all they can hear is a second-hand voice.

Listen to your yourself.

Social media was meant to be fun. A way of communication, sharing and people getting to know each other. You can use social media to create your identity and build a community around what you passionately love to do. You build a brand by thinking different, accepting yourself, defining your core values and providing a value-add. The community will be defined and driven by the common goal. You will not have to remind them of why they are there. They just know here is where we belong. If a certain community does not like the voice in your personal brand. You will always attract people with the same belief. The dust always settles.


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