You have been thinking about it. You have gone to Google or your favourite search engine to look for it. Maybe it is that notebook or that laptop. You have watched several videos and reviews about it. You have gone to someone’s place who has it and had the chance to feel on your hand. You start looking for a store with which to purchase the item.

This is called “I want to know moment”.

Your prospective customer gathers all the information needed to purchase an item. The web through the use of mobile phones has changed how decisions used to make. As a business or startup, how can you win in the short term and get sales conversion right now? That is the question. This is what you can do right now to get short-term results.

1. Create an online shop or e-commerce website that is mobile friendly

Create an online shop. Don’t try and DIY about it. Get an experienced professional who will able to guide through the process using their experience and skills. The reason why you need an online shop right now is that it is 24/7/365. It is autonomous. You didn’t pay rent, electricity and what not to keep it running, unlike your physical shop. Your prospective client gets to see the prices of the product using their mobile phone which at hand. They may screenshot or download your pictures to send to their friend. Free Marketing for you. KUDOS. They visit your online shop to compare prices with your competitors. There is a lot more I can say about this. Get in touch with me.

2. Create your product identity in all social media

Create social media accounts and pages. Create a Facebook page. Create an Instagram account. Create a Twitter Account. Create a Snapchat account. Join Telegram. You can use this channels to start creating a community. Use this platform to create product awareness and engage your community. The most important thing being feedback. Listen to them.

3. Do Search Engine for the website

Search engine is a big word. Let us break it down. When you open Google and type the name of the product and get results. The results that appear first on the web page. That is what the big word means. To make your web page appear first. You are needed to do some things like define keywords and title tags. A clear implementation strategy ensures success in this area.

4. Invest in paid advertisement through search engine marketing

After you have posted your products or services on social media. Take advantage of the paid advertisement offered. Google AdWords, Twitter for business. Facebook Advertising and Instagram for business are the platforms that you should consider investing in. When customers are going through I want to know the moment you appear top but according to some algorithms in place. That is a tough word.

5. Create a blog with content about your products.

To keep it engaging. Create a blog for the website. Use this platform to give back to your community. It may be a video blog, a written article or twitter chat. I highly suggest a video blog. It gives you an opportunity to document the journey towards your goal. Have a Skype session with them. Ask them what they like about the product. Was it the colours? Is it comfy? If you sell shoes. Offer to have them come to your physical shop for a 1 on 1 fashion advice if you sell clothing. If you still don’t get it. What I am trying to say is communicate to them. A back and forth is better than a monologue.

6. Make your users subscribe to your newsletter.

Having a list of your clients or interested parties of your product is a plus. You are able to personalise messages and get to interact one on one with them to get the feedback you need to develop a product that they can buy. You are able to email them and let them know of discounts, flash sales or pre-sales that you may be having.


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